Base Church in Action

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When we read through the New Testament and particularly the book of Acts we see the formation of Base Churches, which have the resources and leadership and capacity to advance the kingdom of God through spreading the gospel, raising up leaders, supporting other churches etc.

Over the last week we have had the privilege of advancing the kingdom in these ways:

  • Nick and Katie took a team to be with New Covenant Church Nelspruit where they ministered for the weekend. From leadership meetings, to business breakfasts to Sunday services - supporting and ministering to the local church.
  • Pascal left with the YOYL team for Botswana where they will participate in an outreach and then a leadership training time for the local Botswana churches.
  • Maude took a team into Tshelimnyama where they ministered to a number of orphans and also their “gogo’s” who are the primary care givers and often quite elderly.
  • We have a lady with us from Holland who has been hosted in VFC while she gets to know us a bit and explores opportunities to work together into rural African contexts in the future.
  • Francois takes a team to Mozambique this Thursday where they will minister into some of the local churches where we have built up relationship over many years.
  • In the last week, we have also done training internal to our local church (VFC) for new home group leaders and also eldership training.

This is the incredible privilege of what God has given us as a local church. It is a great joy and honour and I believe there is even more in store for us as we follow the ‘winds of the Spirit’ and remain faithful in what we have been called to.

A Weekend of Apostolic Input

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This last weekend in Victory Faith Church, we had Ray and Moira Oliver minister to us at an Elders meeting on Friday and at our 2 Sunday services. Ray and Moira have been serving God faithfully in ministry for many years (Ray has been a believer for about 50 years). They have planted churches, raised up leaders, seen the lost come to Christ and helped build the local churches around the world through their relationships with others. 

In this blog I have highlighted some of the key points that stood out to me from the weekend for your meditation and encouragement:

  1. The primary position of elders is to be around the throne of God (Rev 4:4). People are longing for a leadership that spend their time in the throne room of God and minister out of that place to the people. When leaders are consumed with activity primarily rather than intimacy with Him, the result is a lack of anointing and effectiveness in ministry.
  2. Victory Faith Church is called to “Keep Pioneering”. A mature church needs to relaunch itself so that it is able to have the zeal of a new church plant along with the wisdom of maturity which will make it truly effective. (This is a paraphrase of a quote by Mark Driscoll)
  3. The christian community is to be a worshipping community. The promises of scripture are that if we draw near to him, he will draw near to us (James 4:8) and that there will be glory in the church throughout all eternity (Eph 3: 21). As we worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4: 23) he will manifest his presence and his glory among us and we will be a people that draw others into his life.

Let us take to heart the words that we receive from God and apply them to our lives. Let us fall more and more in love with Christ all the days of our lives and let us bring glory to his name by fulfilling his purposes in our generation and by passionately worshipping him with all our beings.