I blinked and a month passed

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Well, it seems like I just blinked and then a month passed since the last time I updated this blog. It has been a pretty full month including a week of leave and a name change at the church from Victory Faith Church to Red. Point (Redemption Point Church). We have also had a visit from Rob Rufus and we are about to go on our leadership weekend away.

These are exciting times and there is a wonderful sense of anticipation for the future building in our hearts. At the launch of our new name there were about 40 people who responded to the gospel. The meaning of redemption and our mandate as a local church was really re-enforced through the response.

There are 2 specific initiatives that I am really excited about over the next few months. The first is a students camp happening 14 to 16 August. It has been wonderful to see how God has opened doors for us on the various campuses around Durban this year and we have 4 homegroups now that are based in different student residences. We have Purch and Jess coming up form Church on Main to help us with the camp and we are looking forward to what God will do with us over that time.

The other initiative is just in the planning stages but has the potential to make a massive impact on the community. We are planning a month called ‘Paint the Town Red’ - i.e. ‘Paint the Town with Redemption’. During the month we will be advertising into the community and picking up a number of projects aimed at blessing the community in which the church is based. Look out Pinetown - here we come.


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Matthew 18: 3

And He said: ‘I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’

One of the hardest things to do in the world is to change. The more advanced we get in years, the more set in our ways we become. We develop patterns of thinking and of behaviour that are not right or wrong in themselves, but they become rigid and predictable. We become comfortable when things are familiar to us, and we become irritable or flustered when things change and we are forced to adapt to something new.

Jesus cuts right across this human tendency to settle into a familiar way of doing things with an expectation - no, even a command, to change.

The posture of the adult is one of knowledge and understanding. An adult takes responsibility for their lives and their decisions. They assume a level of maturity and knowledge adequate to make almost any decision that confronts them. They are most times quite clear about their values and their principles. They are almost never unsure of themselves and therefore reliant on someone else.

The posture of a little child on the other hand is one of complete dependence on someone else. Their natural inclination is to take the hand of an older person and be led - even when they know where they want to go. Instead of rushing in, they will hesitate and look for a sign that everything is OK. They will look for a reassuring glance from a parent, or a gesture beckoning them to come. Their default point of view is that they don’t know the answers and are continuously asking questions. They are like a sponge absorbing knowledge. They are like clay - able to be molded and shaped. They are like a blind man - able to be led and receptive to the instructions of another.

Let us be a generation of believers who are able to change. Let us take the posture of a little child and place our hand in the hand of the Master submitting ourselves to every inclination of His leading and His will.