The Gospel According to Esther

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Most Monday nights the Kendon family has some form of devotions together at the dinner table. At times we have read bible stories to our children, and at other times we have watched a christian DVD after supper, but lately we have being taking turns to choose a bible story and learn some lessons from it.

Tonight was Hannah’s turn and she chose the story of Esther. She read the portion of scripture relating to how Esther intervened to save her people from the extermination that Haman was planning and then we began to discuss what this story teaches us about God, Jesus and ourselves:

We concluded that the King is a type of God in this story. He is the one who has the power to rescue Esther’s people. If only the people could have the favour of the King, the threat to their lives could be removed.

We also agreed that Esther is a type of Jesus. She is the one who had to mediate between the people and the King, just as Jesus had to mediate between us and God. She was willing to lay down her life on behalf of her people by approaching the King without being summoned and Jesus did lay down his life on our behalf.

The Jewish nation in this story is a type of us. Through their mediator, Esther they were saved from certain death. Through our mediator, Jesus we also have been saved from certain death.

The gospel according to Esther is a great story and it is a reminder that all of history and all of the bible are pointing to the redemptive plan of God worked out through His incredible Son. To him be the glory forever and ever, Amen.

Mighty Men

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This weekend about 140 000 men gathered in a farming community outside Greytown to sit under the ministry of Angus Buchan. God has raised Angus up in South Africa in these days and he is having a significant influence. He has been calling men into a genuine relationship with Christ and to live in a way that is consistent with their faith. On Friday night there were an estimated 20 000 men who responded to a gospel invitation to receive Christ.

A number of men from our local church have attended this conference over the last few years and many of them have come back with testimonies of God’s work in their lives. One young man testified on Sunday night that his first love for God had been revived.

To me, this is undeniably a move of God. For this number of men to attend a weekend gathering in the name of Christ, and for the fruit that is coming out of times like this, it can only be by God’s hand. May God continue to use Angus in South Africa and beyond. May there be many thousands and even hundreds of thousands who come into a genuine new birth experience with God through his ministry. May there be an activation of the men in this country to stand up and take leadership over their homes, businesses, churches etc. And may the kingdom of God advance in our day even more than we could ask or imagine.

I am reminded of the song of Deborah and Barak recorded in Judges Ch 5.

When the princes in Israel take the lead, when the people willingly offer themselves — praise the LORD!

Love is in the Air

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This weekend has been a wonderful celebration of love in the life of Victory Faith Church as one of our most favoured sons has married one of our most favoured daughters.┬áJamie and Lisa’s wedding on Saturday has been a victory over all worldly ways and the seduction of our age.

We saw this weekend a model of purity that will guide many others through their own journeys of courtship and marriage. We saw a love for God and his ways and an honouring of God and each other.

We saw an expression of deep love. Some have a way of putting into words the depths of true love that they feel towards one another which resonates in our own hearts for our spouses. Both the pursuer and the pursued can learn the art of expressing our love in ways that minister deeply to the one we love.

We saw a prophecy begin to activate and envision a young couple with the purposes and the gifts of God and to fill their hearts with dreams of all that God will do through their lives. There is power in prophecy to release a future and to activate lives with the word of God.

We saw an honouring of those who have played a role to disciple and nurture maturity and strength. Parents, friends, mentors, elders, brothers and sisters have all played a part in the journey to bring a young couple to this place. There is such joy in appreciating and honouring those who have helped us on the journey and played a role in our lives.

We saw glory being brought to God in word, in action and even in atmosphere as an acknowledgement that he is the author and perfector of our faith and he is the one who designs and executes his plans through our lives.

We praise God for his favour towards us and to Jamie and Lisa and we pray God’s richest blessings upon them all the days of their lives.

God Answers Prayer

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This week we have heard amazing news of answered prayer. A couple we know based in South East Asia are going to have a baby after 9 years of trying and a physician in South Africa giving them a zero percent chance of an unassisted pregnancy. I don’t know how many prayers have been prayed over the years either by the couple themselves or by friends or by corporate prayer meetings in local churches. But I do know that there is an overwhelming sense of gratitude to God and celebration in his faithfulness and goodness in answering these prayers.

As the news was announced on Sunday in our local church there was a spontaneous eruption of applause and praise. Praise because God has acted in his sovereign power and overturned an ‘impossible situation’. Praise because God has done it amongst us. This is not a story we have read in a book of an unknown people. This has happened in our family and God has visited us with his mighty power. Praise because God has looked upon their lives and shown his compassion by answering their cry.

As the psalmist says in Ps 20: 5 (ESV)

May we shout for joy over your salvation, and in the name of our God set up our banners! May the Lord fulfill all your petitions!

We give glory to God and celebrate with joy at the blessing that has come upon our friends!