Feedback from Bethel in Redding

Well, we had quite a weather affected trip to Redding, after planning to land in San Francisco on Tuesday lunchtime and drive the 3 hours up to Redding that same day, we ended up landing at 6 pm as there were massive rain storms hitting the West Coast and we had to sleep over in San Francisco that night and drove up on the Wednesday morning. All part of the experience!

We attended the ‘Open Heaven’ conference at Bethel which was hosted by Bill Jonhson. Other speakers were Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda from North Carolina. The main emphasis of the time here was on the glory of God’s presence and His power to touch lives and change situations particularly in the area of healing.

I was struck again by the real passion here to see the power of Christ manifest and to have a christianity that reflects the presence and power of God. There were a number of ministry opportunities during the conference and Leigh and I were prayed for on 3 separate ocassions.

The worship over this week was wonderful. I think if we sang 1 or 2 songs that we recognised - that was a lot. Most of the songs were new and I would say there was a real sense of intimate worship that we experienced. It was good to experience more freedom in worship than we have in some of the other places we have visited.

Another joy for us here was bumping into Anitha Jaipal who spent about 10 days in Redding. She was deeply ministered to over the time we saw her and it was great to see a familiar face after being on the road for a while.

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