Feedback from Mars Hill in Seattle

Mars Hill, Seattle - our last church visit on this trip. We were at first only going to be attending a service here, but through Rory Dyer we were able to make contact with some of the leaders and we were able to spend some time with a couple of leaders and get a bit deeper in terms of the way this church is being built and how God has led them on the journey.

Mark Driscoll preached from Mary’s song in the gospel of Luke, which was very helpful in terms of taking our eyes off ourselves and putting them on God. At the end of the service, he asked for anyone who wanted to be baptised to meet some of the pastors in the foyer, and then the baptisms were shown on the screen as we continued to worship.

In our time afterwards, we were able to ask Brad (one of the pastors) a number of questions about the way in which Mars Hill ministers to believers helping them to grow in their faith, and to those who are still exploring a relationship with Christ. We spoke about everything from preaching to home groups to leadership to involvement in the city and the communities. It was a very helpful time even to learn about their journey and things they have tried and changed over time.

We also got to go to one of their video campuses where they ¬†show Mark’s preaching by a video link and have their own campus pastor and home group structure. This again was very helpful and we continue to learn as we experience the way in which God is building his church in diverse ways through diverse gifting in all different places around the world.

It has been a huge privilege to come on this trip and to see and experience all that we have. We look forward to unpacking it in our own thinking as we continue to seek God for the ways in which he is leading us.

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