Feedback from North Point Atlanta

I am writing this blog from San Francisco on route to Redding where we will be attending the Open Heavens Conference at Bethel Church. Today’s trip from Atlanta took much longer than expected as our flight was delayed by over 2 hours due to bad weather.

We have had a great couple of days in Atlanta at North Point ¬†Church. We were hosted wonderfully by Barry and Nancy Brubaker while we attended the ‘Inside North Point Conference’. We were particularly involved in the Small Group Track of the conference.

On Sunday we were able to tour through all the different environments at North Point from their young children’s facilities through to their high school programs that they run. We also spent time with one of the pastors who talked us through the North Point philosophy of ministry. The resounding impression at North Point is one of a highly focussed team with a very clear vision and methodology for the church.

On Monday we spent time in a more focussed session particularly looking at how the small groups are led. This was very informative and interesting to note how things are done differently in different contexts. North Point establishes groups that remain together for a defined period and no new people join that group during the life of the group. The aim is rather to develop a deeper level of relationship within the group rather than use the group to reach out to others. Once the life of the group comes to an end, it is disbanded and the process starts again with groups often splitting and starting again as 2 separate groups. 

A highlight for us was to be able to attend a small group with Barry and Nancy on Monday night where we were able to meet and get to know some of the people in the church.

We continue to learn new things all along this journey and count it a huge privilege to be here and to experience the way the church is being built in different places around the States.

  1. Elsabe Allen says:

    Hey Travellers Well done for updating! Do these churches see a significant growth with their outreach programmes and do they see many people getting saved, am interested to know. I am so interested to know how they connect with the ‘world’ - You mentioned the High School programme. Pray for a continued safe journey guys. Be so so blessed. Hope you are also chilling a bit.. Look forward to see you soon. love from us all

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