Why Broken People are a Delight

One of the amazing realities of the life of Christ is his determination to seek out those whose lives represented the very opposite of the kingdom of God. In fact Jesus describes his own ministry in Matt 9: 13 as one in which he came not seek the righteous but sinners.

Jesus was found reclining at a table with tax collectors and sinners (Matt 9). He was associated in peoples minds with drunkards and he was called a friend of sinners - meaning there was a sense of personal relationship that they had with Jesus (Luke 7). He had a sinful woman anoint his feet with perfume and wipe them with her hair (Luke 7). He sat down and spoke with a woman who had been married 5 times and was living with a man who she was not married to (John 4).

One of the most exciting signs of what God is doing among us in this season is the increasing number of broken people who we are coming into contact with. It could be through a marriage course, through a soup kitchen, through street evangelism or just personal friendship but more and more broken people are finding their way into contact with believers or into the church and God has blessed us with the opportunity to reach them and bring the gospel to them in the same way that Jesus did as he walked through the streets of Israel 2000 years ago.

May God continue to bless us in this way and may we be faithful to lead people to Christ and like Christ be comfortable to be found in the company of sinners who are desperate need to meet the saviour.

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